Preliminary 2016 Sale Results

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Thank you to everyone who came to the 50th VA Mennonite Relief Sale!  I want to give an especially big THANK YOU to all the many volunteers who gave of their time and energy to make this event possible.   Also many thanks to the donors and buyers.  It brings much joy to me to see us all work together to raise money to help others around the world.  The title of our 50th Anniversary book is “For the least of these.”  Through this weekend’s event, we have raised money to reach those Jesus calls us to serve.  May we continue to do this not only this weekend, but each and every day.

Here are the results. These are preliminary numbers.  We always have additional money coming in after the sale so it is hard to predict for our final.  If we add in the average amount given after the sale over the past 7 years, we might possibly have a final around $341,718, which could be our biggest number.  We will have to see how much is donated in the next couple of weeks and months.  We will have final numbers posted on the website eventually.


2016 VA Relief Sale Final Report

Daily News Record Article

Mennonite Weekly Review Article

2016 2015 2014
Preliminary total proceeds          338,300          264,021          340,200
Actual Final Proceeds  ???    316,810.25    372,901.27 (biggest year)
Auction          141,124          114,213          122,722
Penny Power      22,183.55      24,530.37      28,210.29 click here for individual church/group totals
Friday night supper            13,021            11,061            14,753
Saturday breakfast            16,903            12,264            19,197
Special Project            13,200              7,175              8,250
# of donuts            12,000            11,000            12,500
# of pies                  600                  500                  670
# 5K runners (ages 7-87)                  122

A few of the high bids

  • A round braided wool rug made by Stella Brunk – $6,000
  • 50th sale commemorative wall hanging made by Carolyn Bontrager and Charlotte Swope – $5,100
  • A feedsack quilt made by Carmen Wyse and Mac MacArthur-Fox – $5,000
  • White on white quilt made by Anna Mary Burkholder – $3,500
  • Mariners Campass/Broken Star Quilt made by Mennonites in IL – $3,100

Overall there were 19 quilts that went for $1000 or more.


Submitted by Dave Rush

Relief Sale Chair

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