Sharing Our Surplus (SOS)

September 16, 2018 • Posted in

Sharing Our Surplus is an initiative to dramatically increase the money raised for MCC refugee relief by encouraging everyone to spend generously for food, auction and other items at the Relief Sale, then to match or multiply that amount with a donation.  In this way we can add significantly to the $41,000 SOS giving in 2017.

In the light of the desperate needs of the 1 in 110 of the world’s men, women and children who have been forced from their homes by famine, war and other forms of violence, we encourage relief sale attendees to give in the spirit of Jubilee, over and above their regular tithes and offerings.  Perhaps you can have a fundraising yard sale or tithe on the money in your savings account, as ways to give sacrifically. SOS chair Harvey Yoder wrote more about this initiative in a blog post.

Please consider a cash, check, or credit card donation at the SOS table in the Auction building this year. You can also donate online.

If you have a place to post flyers or hand out information about this, feel free to print and distribute this flyer created by the SOS team.

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