50th Annual Relief Sale in 2016!

June 4, 2016 • Posted in

This year we celebrate our 50th Annual Sale! The first Relief Sale was held in 1967 at Paul Wenger’s farm in Augusta County. Though the venue and food and activities at the event have changed throughout the years, the volunteerism and spirit is still the same, all working together to raise money for relief efforts around the world.

There will be various special events, activities, and auction items commemorating the 50th anniversary.  One item is a commissioned 50th Anniversary quilt made with pre-civil war reproduction fabric. There will also be a booklet, outlining the 50 year history and including many photographs. There are some special auction items to commemorate this year’s sale as well.  We’ll update this site and our facebook page with pictures and other details about these items, as we have more information.

We’re looking forward to joining with you for our 50th Relief Sale this year!

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